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Work of Justice Network for Holocaust survivors is celebrated.

We’ll never forget. Less than two years after creating the first international initiative for reparations to Holocaust survivors, the Justice Network has been recognized for outstanding service by the American Bar Association. The ABA Pro Bono Publico Award is this country’s highest honor for pro bono assistance.

We honor those who perished in the Holocaust by providing for those who survived.

Since its founding in 1974, Bet Tzedek has provided free legal services to Holocaust survivors seeking reparations from Germany and other European countries.

In 2007, we founded the Holocaust Survivors Justice Network. The Network is a coalition of attorneys and social workers who assist survivors seeking German reparations for work performed in Nazi ghettos. The Network has expanded to over 30 cities across the country. Thousands of survivors have recovered millions of dollars in reparations through the Network.

Sadly, almost half Holocaust survivors in Los Angeles are low-income or live under the federal poverty line. Many must choose every day between eating and paying for medication. The Network works to solve this problem. And enhance the quality of life for each one of these survivors.

If you are a Holocaust survivor living in Los Angeles County and need assistance, call our Holocaust Services intake line at (323) 549-5883.

For more information about the Holocaust Survivors Justice Network, please visit www.holocaustsurvivorsprobono.org.