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When going green brings an unexpected financial burden

Passive solar pool heating on a roof in Florida. Obviously not such a bad place for making use of the technology. While this is a very cool and useful photo for anyone who wants to check out solar pool heating - FYI the solar PV system above is Miami Dade hurricane compliant by having a third rail under the panels.

In the words of Bet Tzedek Attorney Jenna Miara, “There is a much better way to get green energy improvements in LA County. It cannot be on the backs of low-income consumers who get saddled with these loans that are tied to their homes.”

KCRW reporter Anna Scott writes about Property Assessed Clean Energy (PACE), a program run by L.A. County with the intention of making energy-saving home improvements more convenient and affordable for homeowners. Because the program was designed so loans are based purely on home equity rather than income or actual ability to pay, predatory contractors have talked many buyers into PACE loans they can’t actually afford.

Thousands of homeowners on limited budgets, such as the elderly, are now facing foreclosure. These are a few reasons behind Bet Tzedek and Public Counsel’s lawsuit against L.A. County. Read the full article to find out more:

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