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Surviving Medi-Cal Terminations

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Use One or All Actions to Protect Your Medi-Cal in Los Angeles County

Request a Hearing Quickly

Request a hearing BEFORE your Medi-Cal stops or changes. If you do this, your benefits will remain unchanged until the hearing! Your Notice of Action shows this important date. Call State Hearing at 800-743-8525 or go to www.cdss.ca.gov/hearing-requests to make your request.

Give Medi-Cal Information to Restart Your Benefits

You have 90 days to provide Medi-Cal with the necessary information to restart your benefits. You can submit the information by mail, phone (866-613-3777), online at www.benefitscal.com  or in person.

You can provide Medi-Cal with the information they need by telling your income to them. This is known as a ‘sworn statement.’ If you have no other way to provide the information, they must accept this statement.

If you have Medi-Cal, there is no longer an asset limit or property limit. Your Medi-Cal should not be terminated if you are over the 2023 asset limit.

Contact Medi-Cal to Remove Share of Cost
Do you have a new share of cost? Medi-Cal must tell you about options to remove the share of cost. Ask Medi-Cal if you can eliminate the share of cost by purchasing health insurance, enrolling in the Medi-Cal Working Disabled program, or using the spousal impoverishment rules for married couples.

Call your Board of Supervisor for Help
Having trouble reaching the Medi-Cal Customer Service Center? Did they promise to resolve your issue but failed to do so?
Contact your Supervisor for assistance! The Board of Supervisors are elected officials who oversee the Medi-Cal office.
They will assign a helper to quickly resolve your issue.

Call the Board’s Customer Service Center at 213-974-1411 to connect with your Supervisor’s office.

Get Legal Help
Call Health Consumer Center for free legal assistance. Their number is 800-896-3202 and email is

Download The Resource Here