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Elder Justice: COVID-19 Scams Targeting Older Adults

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Senior Justice Programs funded in part by Los Angeles County Dept of Aging and Disabilities.


Covid-19 Scams
Targeting Older Adults

Here are some common scams

Be aware of fake emails, telephone, text & phishing scams. Don’t click on links from sources you don’t know. They could download viruses on your computer. Don’t give out any personal information, scammers use fake emails and text messages to get you to share your information like social security numbers, personal login ID’s, passwords. Your information can be used to steal your money or identity theft. Do not answer calls from unknown numbers. Check your local telephone network to Block calls from your home or wireless telephone numbers.

Bogus Covid-19 treatment and Cure Products! Be aware of fake testing kits! Ignore online offers for vaccinations. Do not buy medications for cures online, or door to door, this is a Scam! Contact your medical advisor for treatment and testing information.

Donations and Charity Scams! Do your homework. Do not let anyone rush you into making a donation. Do NOT give money via cash, gift cards, or wire transfers to unknown sources. Contact the organization directly to donate. To verify an organization, go to www.CharityNavigator.org

Door to Door Scams! Imposters are reportedly knocking on doors and offering free Covid-19 tests. The scammers claim all they need from the senior to get the free kit is the target’s Medicare number. Door to door Contact Tracing Scams are on the rise. Contact your health provider for more information. The CDC is not sending people door to door to test for Covid-19, or for Contact Tracing. If a CDC impersonator shows up at your door, do not let them in.

Tax Scams! Dishonest preparers pop up every filing season committing fraud, harming innocent taxpayers or talking taxpayers into doing illegal things they later regret. Taxpayers should avoid so-called “ghost” preparers who expose their clients to potentially serious filing mistakes as well as possible tax fraud and risk of losing their refunds.

Fake Stocks Sales & Purchases! Be aware of scams where fraudsters offer low $ stock prices for products that can prevent, detect or cure Covid-19. This is called Pump and Dump Scams

Counterfeit N95 Mask and Supplies! Some scammers offer in demand supplies like face mask, and selling fake products at enormous price hikes, never delivering fake products, and stealing your money, credit information, or identity.

Protect Yourself! Be sure to balance bank accounts, credit cards, and financial accounts monthly. Get a free credit report annually at www.AnnualCreditReport.com, to check for discrepancies. Set up Fraud Alerts for credit and bank accounts. Beware of common telephone and door to door scams! Shred mail before disposal, and before you sign a contract, have someone review and discuss details. Verify State licenses for Contractors, Brokers and others.



Download The Resource Here