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Press Release: New Bet Tzedek Self-Help Conservatorship Clinic Site

Bet Tzedek’s Self-Help Conservatorship Clinic site creates ‘new space for justice’ for residents of LA County

The new platform offers a multitude of resources, decision making tools, and aims to improve access to self help services.

Los Angeles, California—January 19, 2024—With the January 2024 launch of Bet Tzedek’s Self-Help Conservatorship Clinic website, https://btshcc.org/, residents of Los Angeles seeking out information on decision-making tools, advance planning, and conservatorship how have 24- hour access to a new platform offering information-rich resources, self-help tools, and pathway to connect with clinic services.

The new platform aims to take the lessons learned from the State Bar of California’s 2019 Justice Gap Study by increasing and improving access to legal information and adding a new pathway for individuals to connect with services. “We want to use technology to empower people,” says Bertha Sanchez Hayden, Directing Attorney, Seniors, Dependent Adults & Caregiver Direct Services at Bet Tzedek. “This site showcases the importance of investing in infrastructure to combat the Justice Gap. Self Help programs are vital component of increasing access to justice and this platform creates a new space for us to connect with individuals and community partners.”

The site, designed and built by Theory and Principle, a premier provider of justice technology, is intentional in its straightforward interface, with content curated by experts. By selecting either ‘Learn’ or ‘Get Support,’ available legal options and the conservatorship process are laid out in a simple, easy to follow way. The site also offers LA County residents the ability to sign up for workshops, access needed forms and toolkits, learn about alternatives to conservatorship, access site content in English or Spanish, and even provides resources for community partners.

“Even though one purpose of the clinic is to provide support with probate conservatorship, our mission is to give individual access to a variety of essential legal information and raise the visibility of critical tools,” explains Sanchez Hayden. “We have attempted to create a new space for justice. The site is not just a space for someone to engage with the clinic; I think we have reimagined and opened the doors wider for the community.”

In a legal landscape that may feel difficult for some to traverse, Bet Tzedek continues to be a champion for access to justice by providing an abundance of resources and personalized support for those who need it most.


About Bet Tzedek

Self-Help Conservatorship Clinic is operated by Bet Tzedek’s Access to Justice Programs. Bet Tzedek Legal Services is a community organization that provides justice, stability, and hope to those experiencing discrimination, structural disparities, and exploitation. Based on the central tenet of Jewish law and tradition “tzedek, tzedek, tirdof”—”justice, justice you shall pursue,” Bet Tzedek provides legal advocacy grounded in the lived experiences of the communities we serve – regardless of race, religion, ethnicity, immigrant status, gender identity, economic ability, or any other defining characteristic. Through our network of attorneys and advocates, we provide free comprehensive legal services, education, and policy advocacy to low-income individuals and families across Los Angeles County.