Lakesh Baker

Lakesh’s Human Resources career spans over 23-years as she has represented several large organizations in various industries such Retail, Mortuary and Non-Profit Organizations. It is through the legal process that Lakesh has been able to impact minority workers and those who sit on the front lines. Lakesh is a strong advocate for fair workplace practices and has collaborated with a variety of worker unions to impact decisions regarding the collective bargaining agreement and the grievance process.

With a Master’s degree in Negotiation and Conflict Resolution from California State University Dominguez Hills, coupled with her strong ties to the Human Resources Community via the Society of Human Resource Professionals and the American Society for Training and Development Lakesh successfully provides a fresh look into hiring and recruitment, employee relations, human resource management, retention and the process of conflict resolution coupled with the knowledge of consumer psychology and compliance.

Lakesh’s dedication to the practice and principles of Human Resources has expanded to the areas of small business consulting and third-party investigation. Lakesh possesses a strong business acumen as it relates to unionized working environments and strategy. As a current Law School Student Lakesh has advanced knowledge of Title VII, EEOC, negotiation and mediation skills including compliance and business ethics.