• Justice for Transgender Individuals

Justice for Transgender Individuals

Bet Tzedek is committed to pursuing justice for people of all gender identities and expressions. We leverage our unique legal expertise, extensive pro bono resources, and long-standing partnerships with trusted leaders and organizations in the LGBTQ+ community to support transgender, non-binary, and gender non-conforming individuals. Bet Tzedek helps members of the transgender community receive access to medical care and coverage; live free from employment discrimination and retaliation; negotiate landlord-tenant disputes, evictions, and denials to housing or shelter; and fight discrimination at school.

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Transgender Legal Rights Program

We advocate for gender affirming rights by offering clinics and direct representation to help individuals with health insurance and benefits denials, discrimination in housing and employment, and public accommodations.

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Transgender Legal Name and Gender Marker Change

Bet Tzedek supports transgender and gender non-conforming individuals with updating their legal names and gender markers on identification documents to align with their gender identity. These documents are essential for applying for public benefits, receiving healthcare, starting new jobs, and enrolling in school.
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individuals attended more than 20 free legal name & gender marker change clinics hosted by Bet Tzedek in 2021


legal matters opened in 2021

“From a place of feeling alone, isolated, and desperate, Bet Tzedek’s integrity and caring helped me through.”