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Madie had been beaten. Left naked. Surrounded by rats in her own home.

Her foster daughter and nine others had been taking Madie’s Social Security checks. And rewarding her with the worst possible conditions. Quickly after discovering Madie’s situation, Bet Tzedek got her temporarily placed in the care of her loving, responsible niece. But that was only the beginning.

What Madie needed was a permanent solution to her problems.

Madie had been in such bad condition, it was necessary to move her to a hospital. A Temporary Conservatorship was put in place to see to her needs. And then Bet Tzedek attorneys really went to work. Family Caregiver Project attorney Dominique Sanz-David explained to the family that the long lasting solution was to create a permanent Conservatorship that would allow her sister and her niece to look after Madie so that she could live out her remaining years in dignity.

As with many things in life, everything wasn’t as simple as they might appear on the surface. Competing petitions were filed and a court date was set. Madie’s entire family came to the trial. Together with their Bet Tzedek attorney, they stood up for Madie.

Ultimately, Madie’s sister and her niece were granted the Conservatorship. Today Madie lives under the loving care of her family in surrounding that are a far cry from how she was living just a few months prior to Bet Tzedek’s intervention.

We are honored to have been able to work on Madie’s and her family’s behalf. Protecting the rights of seniors is part of what Bet Tzedek is all about.