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Last month, a Los Angeles Superior Court judge legally upheld two tenant protection ordinances passed by city council, which look to protect tenants and make sure no additional residents become homeless. One […]

Read the L.A. Times op-ed here. “Mr. Zuo’s opinion piece takes the wrong perspective. He claims that providing tenants who face eviction with lawyers only risks creating a drawn out […]

Bet Tzedek’s Self-Help Conservatorship Clinic site creates ‘new space for justice’ for residents of LA County The new platform offers a multitude of resources, decision making tools, and aims to […]

Read the L.A. Times Column here. “Bet Tzedek’s elder justice team regularly receives calls from financial elder abuse scam victims and their families. Beyond the monetary losses, the emotional impact […]

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While Don Lee’s Jan. 10, 2024 L.A. Times article, “Immigrants fuel U.S. workforce, census data say,” highlights our nation’s dependence on immigrant workers, wage theft and labor exploitation of these […]

The National Immigration Law Center (NILC) issued a report on labor-based deferred action commemorating the one-year anniversary of the policy. Bet Tzedek’s Employment Rights Project (ERP) team contributed to the […]

Read the CalMatters article here. For more stories on inequality in California, sign up for Inequality Insights, a weekly must-read on one of California’s most pressing issues. After years of living […]

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Read the L.A. Times article here. Article mentions Bet Tzedek   When the investigators came, operators of a Southern California poultry processor allegedly hid child workers in bathrooms and closets […]

Read the LAist article here. Article features Yvonne Medrano, Bet Tzedek Employment Rights Project (ERP) Attorney   By Nate Perez Sinagtala Limbo cared for elderly residents and hospice patients at […]