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L.A. Times: A Jewish Family, a Famous European Museum and the Battle for a Nazi-Looted Masterpiece

Read the L.A. Times article here.


From the article: A coalition of prominent Jewish groups and legal organizations — including Bet Tzedek — also has called for reconsideration, arguing in its own recent filing that the ruling in favor of the museum perpetuates “Holocaust minimization” and “turns the horrors of Nazism into an ordinary business transaction.”

“Such a legal result cannot stand,” the coalition wrote. “Nazi looted art is stolen property and forever tainted until returned to those from whom it was stolen or their heirs — full stop.”


From CEO Diego Cartagena: “Bet Tzedek Legal Services is proud to lend its weight to this important legal case arguing for the return of art stolen from Jewish families by the Nazis during WW2. Our thanks to the team at Manatt, Phelps & Phillips, LLP and our co-founder, Stan Levy, for serving as counsel to our organization for this amicus brief.”