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In Solidarity

All of us at Bet Tzedek are saddened and outraged by the shocking killing of George Floyd at the hands of the very people sworn to serve and protect our communities. The demonstrations that have followed in the wake of Mr. Floyd’s killing are another reminder that we have a long way to go to address the structural racism that has given rise to decades of injustice being visited upon large segments of our community.

Bet Tzedek stands with the millions who, today, yesterday, and for decades, have called for justice and for an end to social inequities that perpetrate racism.

Nearly 50 years ago, in the Fairfax District where this weekend’s protests raged, Bet Tzedek was founded on the principals of bringing justice to the most vulnerable members of our community. Bet Tzedek stood then, and stands today, with the voiceless, the powerless, and the oppressed, who all too often have been discriminated against and abused.

As we bear witness to the countless acts of violence inflicted on Black communities and take note of the global protests, we recommit ourselves to dismantling systemic racism and addressing the daily injustices that accompany it.

Our Employment Rights Project will continue to combat practices that entrap families in poverty. Our Preventing and Ending Homelessness team will continue to combat housing insecurity in all its forms. Our Foreclosure Prevention staff’s efforts will continue unabated and we will not forget that this work takes place under the shadow of redlining.

Our Small Business Development project, founded principally to serve business owners of color, will continue to empower bold entrepreneurs so that they may realize their dreams and bring economic growth to their communities.

As we have for nearly 50 years, all of us at Bet Tzedek stand with our community, and we will continue to speak up against injustice and work to bring an end to the persistent social inequities that tear at the fabric of a civilized society.