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Elevating Workers’ Stories of Wage Theft

From the James Irvine Foundation.

Members of our ERP Team participating in the press conference.


“We are excited to give you a look at Wage Theft Stories, which illuminates the challenges of wage theft and solutions to end it. Wage Theft Stories includes a website, articles, and videos curated by an independent journalist that chronicles workers’ efforts to recover lost wages, and highlights efforts by government and nonprofit leaders to aid workers and strengthen labor law enforcement.

Elevating the voices of workers is central to Irvine and the Fair Work initiative, and we are grateful to the many partner organizations, worker centers, and public agencies who informed the journalist’s reporting. Of course, we’re deeply appreciative of the workers across industries who shared their stories, and humbled by their courage to take a stand to secure their rights.

Wage theft is just one piece of the puzzle, and we are grateful for all the ways you and your organization advance worker rights throughout California.”