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Bet Tzedek Elder Rights Victory

The case came to us from the Elder Abuse Forensic Center.  A 95 year old man was being evicted from his home of 26 years because his rent had not been paid for 4 months. He was scheduled to be locked out on July 27.

The building manager reported that his caregiver appeared to be abusing him by not paying rent, utilities, creating hoarding conditions, and selling drugs. His bank accounts had also been depleted over 3 years.

Bet Tzedek’s Caregiver team sprang into action, interviewing the building manager and the man’s longtime friends who had been trying to help but were unsuccessful and were even threatened by the abuser.  The Forensic Center sent out a neuropsychologist who determined the man did not have the capacity to make financial decisions or appreciate what was happening.

The Caregiver Team along with Adult Protective Services and the police went to the elderly man’s apartment on the 27th to see if he would be willing to go to court.  He did attend and we not only got a Temporary Restraining Order against the abuser, but got a kick-out order requiring the abuser leave the premises immediately as well.

The final result: The abuser has left and the landlord has restored the tenancy to the elderly gentleman.  We are assisting our client and his friends to assure he has adequate care and someone to manage his finances.

Bet Tzedek cares.  Bet Tzedek acts.  Our clients receive justice!