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Bet Tzedek’s Skadden Fellow Talks to the LA Times About On-Call Scheduling

The New York Attorney General has launched a probe of “on-call” scheduling by 13 large retailers and has caught the attention of media and employers nationwide. As a member of our Employment Rights Project, Danielle Lang is all too familiar with issue.

“On-call scheduling, of the type the NY attorney general is investigating,” she explains, “creates profound wage insecurity, short-circuits a worker’s ability to secure a second job, and makes predictable planning for child care impossible. In a world of part-time, low-wage, no-benefits employment, it is yet another barrier to working poor families’ ability to make ends meet.”

From the 4/13/15 Los Angeles Times article, “13 Retailers Questioned by New York Attorney General About Worker Scheduling”:

“Danielle Lang, a Skadden fellow at Bet Tzedek Legal Services in Los Angeles, said the attorney general’s action could have repercussions in other states.

“‘The New York attorney general is a powerful force,’ she said. ‘It’s certainly an issue that’s facing so many of our low-wage workers in California, and anything that puts a highlight on this practice and really pressures employers to think about these practices is a good thing.'”