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Bet Tzedek’s 8th Annual World Elder Abuse Awareness Day (WEAAD) Event

Last Thursday, June 6th, Bet Tzedek’s Elder Justice team held the 8th Annual World Elder Abuse Awareness Day (WEAAD) event, “Protecting Legacies: New Responses to Supporting Senior Scam Victims.” This year’s event was focused on innovative social and legal programs to help elder fraud victims.

Our staff members Alisa Anderson discussed latest scam trends, Dominique Sanz-David was on the “Probate Law Approaches to Scams” panel, Aimee Williams moderated the “Consumer Law Approaches to Scams” panel, and Dani Kaiserman gave closing remarks.

A big thank you to the 100+ attendees for a wonderful day of learning and partnership. And a special thanks to our dynamic experts who shared their knowledge. During the keynote address, Amy Nofziger, AARP’s (@aarp @aarpca) Director of Fraud Victim Support, shared scam victim Kate’s impactful testimonial. Watch a snippet of it here.

We closed the day with a policy update on SB 278 (support this bill to hold banks accountable to senior scam victims). There was also an interactive discussion on burnout for professionals in this line of work. It’s always an important reminder that working with victims is challenging and we must prioritize keeping invested professionals doing the work.

We’re so glad this year’s WEAAD event was a success and continue our fight to keep elders safe.