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Bet Tzedek Contributes to Anti-Trafficking Efforts Worldwide

Kevin Kish, Director of Bet Tzedek’s Employment Rights Project, traveled to the Solomon Islands to help conduct workshops organized by the American Bar Association Rule of Law Initiative on preventing, detecting, and redressing human trafficking.

Bet Tzedek attorney Kevin Kish at ABA workshop on human trafficking
Bet Tzedek attorney, Kevin Kish (back row, 2nd from left) at ABA workshop on human trafficking 2011-08

Advocates in the Solomon Islands have identified cases of sex and labor trafficking involving boys and girls as young as six years old. Drawing from Bet Tzedek’s experience in combating human trafficking in the United States, Kish worked with local stakeholders and other experts to identify legal and practical challenges in prosecuting traffickers and to develop strategies to identify victims and protect survivors.

“It was an incredible privilege to share the work Bet Tzedek has done on behalf of trafficking survivors with counterparts in the Solomon Islands who are seeking to address the same crimes in their country,” Kish said.

Over the course of the workshops, participants from government agencies, the legal community, and civil society developed an action plan for confronting human trafficking in the Solomon Islands.

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