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Bet Tzedek attoneys participate in mission to Israel

Bet Tzedek Elder Rights attorneys Yolande Erickson and Bertha Sanchez Hayden, both active in the agency’s Transitions and Family Matters programs, are participating in a special study and fact finding trip to Israel. ┬áThe trip is examining how individuals with special needs, such as autism, are being helped in that country. The attorneys are expert in conservatorships, a legal instrument that gives parents or others legal authority over individuals who, because of a variety of conditions, are unable to make decisions on their own behalf in matters such as health care, education, housing, etc. They are examining the similarities and differences in the laws between California and Israel and how they impact families.

You can follow the trip and its findings in a blog (www.JewishJournal.com/jews_and_special_needs) by one of the trip’s leaders, Michelle Wolf, who is also working in Bet Tzedek’s “Transitions” program. ┬áThis program is designed to assist aging developmentally disabled individuals and their aging, caregiver, parents.

Click here to learn more about the “Transitions” program.